Write for me

I am currently accepting guest posts/articles related to what Spyhood is based on, which include: 

  • Cyber-security
  • How to's on hacking
  • Hacking concepts

If you're interested in writing for this blog, having your product reviewed and having your article published, please visit the Contact Page. 

However, before I accept your post, some specific guidelines must be strictly observed: 

1. I accept guest posts for free. However, I care so much about authenticity and do not want a submitted guest post to have previously appeared anywhere, not even on your personal blog. I also hope the article won't appear elsewhere in the near future. 

2. I do not accept posts written mainly for the purpose of advertising a website, product or some paid services. Visit the advertise page for such submission.

3. Articles with way too much external links may be rejected. Please, only link to stuff relevant to the content of your post. If I realize you’re linking so much to your site, I may not publish your post. 

However, you can highlight your product and website in the byline which shouldn't be anything more than four sentences. This will be shown below your blog post. 

4Though I believe more in quality than the number of words contained, your post must be long enough to be called an article. 

The choice of length is your's to make, but I won't accept a blog post with just a few words. 

5. Please bear in mind that I may edit your article before publishing and you must agree to this. 

6. Images sometimes pass messages which can’t be expressed in the content of an article. I encourage you to use one or two images(or screenshot where applicable) in your guest post. 

7. I will contact you, informing you whether or not the post will be published. Please be patient as I'll need to read the post thoroughly and do some backgrounds work on it to determine its authenticity. 

The Spyhood community will be glad to have your post published in the next update. 

Warm Regards, 
Justice Eziefule