Hi, I'm Justiceđź‘‹

My name is Justice Eziefule.

The brains and fingers behind this amazing blog.

Oh, there are two of us; I and my computer(if it counts) lol.

I'm a student of applied Statistics, blogger, ethical hacker and a free spirit.

I strongly believe that each man or woman should have access and control over his or her security.

That being said, did I always see the world from this perspective?

This is my story.


I grew into teenagehood with the mindset of a boy(just like most people). Never knew or wanted to know the great potentials within me. I used to have a timetable for when I wasn't in school. It had only three chores; watching movies, playing video games and social media. 

During the early months of 2011, I learned some basic hacking from youtube. Only so I can hack my games for unlimited coins. It was pretty easy for me, but I didn't go any further.


Graduated from Secondary school and decided to work for two years. I learned and worked as a stylist for a year, and as a booker in a sport betting shop.

During my last months as an employee, my friend's bank account was hacked and money transferred out of it. It was all resolved in a few weeks, but that specific event changed me. I wanted to know 'how' it was done. 'Why' the bank's security system couldn't stop it from happening. 

I started reading books associated with hacking. I googled questions that came to my head and joined groups on Facebook. But all the answers I got was too complex for me to understand. Still, I never gave up.


To cut it short, on the 3rd of December 2014, I met a man online whose knowledge changed my life as I know it. He was part of one of the so many hacking Facebook groups I belonged in. He showed me the 'HOWs' and 'WHYs' in hacking. He was my Captain.

He didn't just teach me how to hack. But also the implications of my action if used wrongly.

2017, at the University now, I got a great friend who happens to be a blogger. He introduced me to his blog 'Elochiblog' as a writer. That opened my eyes to a better way of sharing what I know to the rest of the World.


I call myself Hacker and a wonderful guy lol.

About YOU

Well enough about me.

How are you feeling today?

If you ever need any assistance or just wish to contact me; locate the contact page and i'll be in touch.