5 steps to use your android phone as a security camera

Got a spare old android phone? read on and you're gonna know how to put it to good use; turning it into a security camera. Great to be used as a baby monitor✌

Is it really possible to use a smartphone as a monitoring device without any knowledge of I.T? The short answer is YES. You don't need any sort of Cyber training to use your smartphone as a spy device.

How is this practicable? By installing necessary security applications and using them in the manner I'll show you as you scroll down the page.

How to use your android phone as a security camera

What you're about to read further is common sense for some experienced individuals, but alien to many. For the experienced ones, I'll gladly welcome any form of contribution to the methods I'm gonna use here. For the not-so-experienced, read on!

Breaking it down in these steps;
  1. Get IP Webcam
  2. Setting it up
  3. Streaming
  4. Positioning your camera
  5. Mounting

1. How to use android phone as a security camera

Let's dive in to the topic at hand;

Step 1: Get a security camera app for android

To kick this off, you need an app used as a security camera. Most such app offers the same features as; cloud streaming, motion detection and alerts. local streaming and recording/storing footage locally or remotely.

Despite lots of options online, the best for me is IP webcam. Now the pro version cost $3.99 to unlock all features, but there's also a free-to-use version. Though this version can't be compared to the paid one, it still got some cool features.

IP Webcam broadcasts both over the cloud and locally with the help of a service called Ivideon, so you can watch your stream, live from anywhere. Get the Ivideon app for android on Playstore.

In short, IP Webcam is used for videoing and Ivideon for streaming.

Step 2. To set up your Android phone as a security camera:

After you must have downloaded and installed IP webcam, follow the below procedures to set it up:

  • Open IP Webcam

  • Set your video preference, effects, power management settings, and motion and sound detecting.

How to use your android or ios phone as a security camera

  • Go to Local broadcasting>>login/password to set up your unique login details when streaming locally. Streaming locally is public. Reason why you should have a password. That way only you can stream your video.

  • Now, to broadcast the stream remotely, you have to register or log in to Ivideon(if already registered).
How to use your android or ios phone as a security camera
Ivideon on PC after sign in

How to use your android or ios phone as a security camera
Ivideon on Android after sign in

  • Locate cloud streaming from your IP Webcam app, then select Ivideon and log in to connect your Ivideon account to the IP Webcam.

  • To begin streaming, select Start server at the very bottom of the app of your IP Webcam.

Step 3. Streaming your video from anywhere

Now to the fun part;

  • To view the stream locally:

you'll see an IP at the bottom of the video like type it in the web address bar of your pc or phone. It'll tell you insecure url but don't worry since you have your own dedicated password. Continue with the login.

A pop up will show asking for your username and password. After successful login, you'll be directed to your dashboard.

How to use your android or ios phone as a security camera
Streaming locally from PC

Locate Video renderer and select Browser to start streaming.

Note: make sure that your android phone is currently videoing on IP Webcam

  • To view the stream using Ivideon

Alternatively, you can stream directly from your Ivideon account. This is even better because it increases privacy(private not public)

To do this is very simple. Start the server in your IP Webcam(you must have linked your Ivideon account to IP Webcam by now), then login to your Ivideon account from your pc/desktop/android. You'll see a thumbnail of the current stream. Click on it and watch.

Step 4: Choosing a spot to position your camera

Choosing the best spot to place your phone is very challenging as you'll be careful to make sure it won't fall off or get seen. You may wanna position it at the main entrance to your home or wherever you think might be particularly vulnerable.

You can also set up an IP camera as a baby monitor.

If you have multiple old phones lying around, you can set up multiple cameras for fairly robust video coverage if you have multiple old phones lying around.

Step 5: Mounting and powering up your camera(s)

To mount the camera, a little smartphone tripod or suction car mount works perfectly and helps you fix the android in an inconspicuous place.

smartphone tripod
Loha smartphone tripod
Joby mini tripod
Best tripod for height

To broaden the view, you might consider purchasing a wide angle lens for your phone. These ones below are my top pick:

How to use your android or ios phone as a security camera

Note that streaming takes a lot of power since the phone will be turned on for a long time. To solve this issue, you might wanna position the phone close to a power source. A long Micro-USB or lightning cable will add some flexibility to your camera positioning.

Make sure you put your phone on silent. Putting it on airplane mode is advisable. Don't forget to on your wifi right back in order to access the internet.

If you really want to use your phone as a security camera, mostly for photographers, then a tripod(very important) and a lens(less important) will be useful. You can check them out from the below links:


Hopefully, by now you should know all you need to know on how to use your android phone as a security camera. You can go ahead and monitor your household when you're not at home.


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